Innovative Marketing Leader & Entrepreneur with Proven Strategic Growth Expertise



I've always been passionate about marketing and technology. Over the years, I've gained broad-based expertise in marketing leadership, tech startups, commercial process development, and systems automation. My commitment to excellence has allowed me to lead dynamic teams, build technology-based value propositions, and drive significant revenue growth across various industries.

During my tenure as Vice President of Marketing at Apex International, I managed a global team spanning six countries. I advised the Board of Directors on commercial technology and led a transformative redeployment of SalesForce CRM. My efforts resulted in a staggering 1000% increase in website visits and a 120% boost in online leads with an impressive 76% conversion rate.

"The person Doug can best be described as intelligent, integer, honest, transparent, great sense of humor and a family man. When we worked together for nearly 5 years, there was an ocean between us, but never a real distance. Doug is not a ‘boss’ leader, he is a people manager, enabling his team members to get the best out of themselves."

- Jeanine Graat

"I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work for and with Doug on the global marketing team at Apex International for over two and a half years. His ability to be a leader while also being a team player truly helped me and other team members cultivate our key skills as marketers."

- Lauren Lippert

Before Apex, at WESCO Distribution, I leveraged Big Data analytics for target marketing and managed impactful co-branded marketing initiatives. My time at Office Depot was marked by achieving superior sales results, implementing cost-saving improvements, and architecting successful marketing campaigns that exceeded growth targets.

In 2020, amidst the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I took a proactive approach to explore diverse professional avenues. I founded Doug Jones LLC, where I provided executive marketing leadership as a Fractional CMO. I tailored strategies to manufacturing and niche companies, adapting to the unique challenges brought about by the pandemic. I also founded "Get Elected," a political technology SaaS startup, and launched "Constituent Connect," an AI-based content writing and management agency.One of my proudest achievements during this period was writing and publishing a book titled "Off-Center," which delves into the impact of media bias on political discourse in the United States. It's currently available on Amazon.

While each of these endeavors provided unique learnings, they collectively honed my adaptability, resilience, and business acumen. I'm eager to apply these skills and experiences in a full-time role once again.If you're looking for someone with a blend of innovation, leadership, and a proven track record, I'd love to connect. Let's explore how we can collaborate and drive success together.

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