Marketing Strategy for Tech Start-Ups

I help young technology companies build a marketing engine to drive sales growth.


Don't waste time, money and resources on a Chief Marketing Officer if you don't need one. Get access to a marketing strategy that gets implemented.

Fractional CMO

Starting at $9,500 per month
- Waiting List

For a limited period of time, I'll advise, manage, and oversee your marketing strategy and execution. I'll provide a monthly analytics report with proactive analysis and suggestions for improvement, as well as access to my professional network.

Strategic Advisor

$3,000 per month

I'll help you plan, execute and improve your marketing strategy from start to finish. I'll send you monthly reports and analysis, give you access to my professional network, review your work quality and more.

Leadership Development

$1,750 per month for 6 months

The Marketing Leadership Program is a mentorship program for marketing managers. It provides guidance, support, and training to help these individuals grow within your organization.

Strategy Call


A strategy call is a great way to get a marketing plan started. It's especially helpful if you're not sure where to begin or what your options are.

Custom Projects

Price: Custom

If you need help with a project that falls outside the tiers of services above, we may be able to accommodate you. Custom projects are ideal for tackling challenging projects that you simply don’t have the time, interest, or available expertise to complete yourself.Projects may include things like:

  • Redesign or improve a complex website in order to increase usability, readability, and functionality.

  • Finding the right marketing talent

  • Creating a digital marketing strategy for the next 12 months

  • Reviewing your current digital strategy

  • Developing your company’s positioning strategy

  • And much more…

Whether you’re looking to fix a tricky problem or accomplish an ambitious goal, we’ll find the right solution for you.

*Rates are based on remote projects only. Travel costs are extra.

The CMO Program

You don’t need a Chief Marketing Officer yet—you only need access to one. Avoid costly mistakes and see results faster with a flexible marketing strategy that actually gets implemented.

Does this sound familiar?

  • You need marketing leadership but you’re not ready to hire full-time.

  • Your marketing is mostly done “on the fly”—without a solid plan.

  • You’re busy running the day-to-day of your business and want someone to focus on your marketing.

  • You want to build formal systems, structure, and measurement into your marketing.

  • You want to grow quickly but your marketing team isn’t equipped for handling that growth.

  • You want more visibility into the performance of your marketing channels.

What if you could…

  • Deepen your understanding of your target market and why they buy.

  • Continuously refine your marketing strategy based on what works.

  • Attract new customers at a predictable and profitable pace.

  • Increase average order value, frequency, and lifetime value.

  • Create organization and control in your marketing program.

  • Build around the KPIs and activities that drive your success.

  • Develop marketing systems that become an asset to your business.

  • Be able to track the success of your initiatives with clear and unambiguous data.

What you get

You, your executives, and your marketing team get private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via Slack, phone, or email.

The CMO Program includes:

  • Upfront research, strategy, planning, and budgeting process.

  • Oversight and direction of your entire digital marketing program.

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to me via Slack, email, and telephone.

  • Scheduled Office Hours up to 4 days/week for team phone calls.

  • Monthly KPI review calls to discuss progress and results.

  • Access to my personal network of vetted marketing specialists.

  • Monthly analytics reports to watch your data over time.

Pricing and Terms

The CMO Program is customized to your specific needs. It starts at US$9,500/month with a 3-month commitment period. Monthly payments are due in advance.Note: I am selective about who I take on for this service and will only do this for a limited time until you hire someone more permanent to manage the day-to-day responsibilities.

Who this is for

The CMO option is purposely built to serve a wide range of company sizes and industries.Ideal characteristics include of good-fit companies:

  • You believe in long-term thinking.

  • You’re in the technology space serving in a clear niche.

  • You wish to build an audience and community around your company.

  • You believe results take time but compound with consistent effort & refinement.

  • You’re not looking for a “magic bullet” to solve all of your problems.

  • You would rather build a flexible team than hire a full-service marketing agency.

  • You’re growing quickly and value outside, non-partial, strategic guidance.

  • Your company does between $1-$20 million in annual revenue with plans to grow quickly.

How it works

  • In the first month, I’ll perform a detailed research, discovery, and roadmapping process.

  • Together, we’ll define your strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities relative to your market.

  • We’ll analyze your positioning and decide the best plan to capitalize on your strengths.

  • We’ll define your goals, create a 6-month roadmap, determine leading and lagging indicators, break goals into projects, and allocate a budget.

  • You may send proposals, work drafts, supplier reports, marketing materials, and designs for me to review.

  • You will have direct access to my network of marketing specialists as needed. I never mark up anyone’s time nor take a commission.

  • Every six months, we’ll go through the process of analyzing what is working and develop a plan for the next phase.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If we’re not a good fit, I don’t want your money. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full.

The Advisor Program

Building a well-oiled marketing machine takes time and dedication—and getting it wrong can cost you dearly in both opportunity and sunk costs.Luckily, you can fast-track the process with an approach that has worked for dozens of other companies like yours.Together, we’ll build a systemized marketing strategy and plan that provides absolute visibility into what’s working, giving you greater confidence and better decision-making along the way.

What you get

You and your core marketing team get private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via Slack, phone, or email.

The program includes:

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to me via Slack, email, and phone.

  • Initial assessment during our kick-off call.

  • A deep-dive strategy or implementation call every week.

  • Structured assignments with due dates attached.

  • Access to my personal network of vetted marketing specialists.

  • A customized KPI dashboard to give you clarity on your data.

How It Works

  • Contact me any day or time with questions. I reply within 24 business hours but more often on the same day during business hours.

  • Get access to my vast network of digital marketing specialists, designers, and developers to help build your team.

  • I’ll help you source marketing suppliers if I don’t have immediate access to someone who fits your implementation needs.

  • Forward emails and include me on supplier calls to ensure you get advice as you need it.

  • Get advice on which marketing tools and software to use for your unique situation.

  • Get help building a detailed budget, allocating it effectively, and planning the necessary resources to get it done.

  • We’ll develop measurable goals to determine what success will look like in the short- and long-term

  • Get feedback on marketing materials and deliverables produced by your team or outside suppliers.

  • We’ll collaborate on customizing your own KPI dashboard, which we can review together during our calls.

What’s not included in The Advisor plan?

Unlike other available tiers of service, the following is not included in The Advisor plan.I don’t do project management. You will need to allocate a certain amount of time every week to the management of your marketing. This includes managing timelines, task follow-ups, adherence to budgets, and team accountabilities.Access to me is restricted to members of your marketing team. In The CMO tier, your entire organization is able to contact me for advice, direction and questions as long as it relates to your marketing.I don’t provide in-depth training. If you want to learn new skills (i.e. graphic design or website development), you’ll need to learn how to do it independently. I can help by pointing you in the right direction or we can work out a fixed-fee training project, if required.I don’t do hands-on execution work. This includes things like software configuration, entire website wireframes, or writing content/communication drafts with this service. I can, however, provide content general outlines, creative input, strategic direction, and feature mockups/wireframes where needed to illustrate a point.


Q: What qualifies as execution work?
A: Implementation work includes things like the development of publish-ready communications, website copy, code, design, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising setup/management, email marketing automation/setup/execution, public relations, and other non-strategic tactical execution work.
Q: What kind of suppliers do you refer from your professional network?
A: You’ll get access to all kinds of people that I’ve worked with over the years. While I can’t promise I’ll have someone on hand for every situation, I do regularly refer website developers, designers, copywriters, marketing automation specialists, search engine optimization specialists, pay-per-click management specialists, social media specialists, and more—often at multiple price-points, geographical locations, and seniority.
Q: What kind of results can I expect?
A: While I cannot guarantee any specific outcome with certainty, it’s common for my clients to see significant increases in revenue, profit, lead flow, audience size, and various other measurable performance metrics.
Q: Why don’t you just “do it for me” like a normal agency?
I believe advice and implementation are best sold separately.
Q: What areas of digital marketing do you advise on?
The areas of digital marketing I can advise on include:

  • Positioning and marketing strategy

  • Analytics and data

  • Website design, development, and user experience

  • Content marketing strategy

  • Social media marketing

  • Email marketing and automation

  • Pay-per-click advertising

  • Search engine optimization

  • Influencer marketing

  • Conversion rate optimization

  • Copywriting

  • Graphic design, video, and photography

Pricing and Terms

The investment for the Advisor Program is US$3,000/month with a 6-month minimum commitment. All payments are due in advance of the period.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If we’re not a good fit, I don’t want your money. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full. After that, there are no refunds under any exceptions.

Marketing Leadership Program

Set your marketing leaders up for success

The Marketing Leadership Program is for companies looking to provide their marketing managers with guidance, support, and mentorship to further their skills and grow within your organization.Together, we’ll develop their strategic marketing skills, create more organization and structure, access additional tools and resources, and have a sounding board on their day-to-day challenges.

Why does this matter?

Running a successful marketing department requires a wide range of skills and a healthy dose of effort. It’s nearly impossible to be an expert at everything. But it is possible to be a good leader of the various marketing specialties.This program helps your marketing managers to be highly effective, organized, and engaged—without the overwhelm that comes with trying to do it all at the same time.This program is a gift for you and your marketing leaders, setting them up for success in the organization and the rest of their careers.

How It Works

One person from your team gets private and unlimited 24/7 access to me via Slack, Zoom, or email.The program includes:

  • Unlimited 1:1 access to me via email, Slack and Zoom.

  • Deep-dive advisory calls every other week.

  • Structured assignments with due dates attached.

  • Training on my tools and methods for leading people and managing projects.

  • Access to my personal network of vetted marketing specialists.

Contact me any day or time with questions. I reply within 24 hours but more often it’s the same day.

The Fine Print

  • One person from your team will have unlimited access to me for questions, guidance, or feedback.

  • We will begin by uncovering your primary needs and interests to best guide our discussions.

  • You can ask me about any marketing-related challenge regarding your business, though this isn’t intended to be a strategic consulting engagement to help grow your business most efficiently. This is about learning how to effectively lead the strategy and execution of your marketing program.

  • I will never publish any of your communications, publicly or privately. Anything you share with me will be kept in the strictest confidence.

  • You are free to record any call for future reference without asking me first.

  • You are welcome to call me any time without an appointment, but you’ll probably get my voicemail (I’m on the phone a lot). Leave a text or voicemail and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

  • If we need to talk in real-time, we can schedule a mutually convenient time.

  • Payment is due by the beginning of each period. Work will stop for late payments.

  • You can pause the clock in the event of a family emergency or something of similar seriousness, but not for vacation or because you got busy.

Pricing and Terms

This service is US$1,750/month for a six month minimum term. Payment is due in full before we begin. Monthly renewal options are available.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

If we’re not a good fit, I don’t want your money. If you’re unsatisfied for any reason after the first 30 days, I’ll refund my entire fee in full. After that, there are no refunds under any exceptions.

Deep-dive Strategy Call

Are you feeling stuck?

When we don’t have clarity, we procrastinate. And that doesn’t just cost time, it also consumes mental energy and creates real opportunity costs.Even though you’re an expert, it can be hard to read the label from inside the bottle. Strategy calls are perfect for people making important business decisions and those looking for a sounding board on new ideas, current situations, and sticky challenges that arise.Stop deliberating and move forward with greater certainty with a one-time strategy call.

Key features include:

  • A deep-dive strategy call to discuss your marketing challenges

  • Call duration as long as you need (usually 90 minutes)

  • Pre-call preparation and clearly-defined takeaways

  • A list of key takeaways and actionable steps to take

  • One week of email access to me for follow-up questions

  • You are free to record the call for future reference

Price: $749/call


There’s more to hiring a marketing advisor than simply getting advice. Below are some of the ingredients I bring to the table.1. Fiduciary
If you ask a butcher what to eat, they’ll probably recommend meat. If you ask a nutritionist, they’ll give you a range of options. I’m the nutritionist. I don’t sell food, just the best options out there.
2. Unlimited
You shouldn’t need to make a value decision every time you or someone on your team contacts me. For that reason, I only offer fixed-fee, unlimited access retainers.
3. Transparent
A common criticism I see about marketing service providers is that some of them obfuscate the work they do or the true results they get. I aim for total transparency and plain-spoken explanations of what’s happening.
4. Transformation
For your business to grow, you’ll need to do things differently. I help companies make the changes necessary to see measurable financial growth.
5. Strategy
Successful marketing strategy requires making trade-offs. I’ll help you plan, budget, and implement a strategy that grows with your business.
6. Systems
No change is lasting unless it’s built into the fabric of how you operate. We don’t just “do work”, we’ll turn our ideas into a system that becomes an asset to your business.
7. Oversight
A big part of what I do is ensure each piece of your marketing is performing and working in harmony so you don’t spin your wheels or veer off course.
8. People
If you need outside support to help implement, I’ll make direct introductions to vetted specialists to do the tactical implementation. I never mark up nor take a referral from anyone I recommend.
9. Data & Analytics
Hunches have a place in marketing, but so does data. I’ll help you get your data in order so you can make decisions based on the key metrics that matter most.
10. Advocacy
At the end of the day, I see myself as an advocate and champion for you and your business. We all need someone we can trust. I take this responsibility to heart.
11. Execution
Even though I’m not the one doing the actual implementation of our strategies, my job is to facilitate those outcomes using a combination of everything above in a way that is profitable for you.

About Me

I understand business fundamentals—This should go without saying, but in order to give good marketing advice, you need to understand how business works in financial and operational terms. I don’t just bring marketing expertise to the table—I also bridge it with the practical knowledge needed to get real business results.I have been doing this a long time—I've been a marketing professional for over 20 years, including 6 years as executive VP of Marketing for a multinational technology manufacturer. I've worked with tech companies in various stages of growth and I own a SaaS start up myself.I treat my clients like family—When I give advice, I think about what I would do if it were my mother or father asking. I look at and discuss risk and reward openly. I tell them when I don’t know. Most of all, I bring genuine care to the table.I'm also a blessed husband and proud a father of three.


  • BA, Communication, Penn State University (2002)

  • MBA, Argosy University (2013)


Why picking the right vertical is so important

Does your product or service have applications across many different industries?How widely do those applications vary?If you find yourself in a position where your service means very different things to very different people, this one is for you.Sales and marketing messages resonate differently from company to company for two reasons:The first is how compelling your value proposition is to your audience.The second is how well you communicate who you are, what you do and why it matters.The problem with selling across multiple verticals with the same messaging is that your value proposition becomes watered down and your story overgeneralized.A really strong story depends just as much on the listener as it does the story teller.You can have the best writers, narrators and editors in the world, but if your audience doesn’t care about the story it won’t make a difference.

Do more of what your best at

Think back to when you started your technology company.Why did you do it?Did opportunity knock at just the right time or did you have an idea and sought out opportunity on your own?More often that not, what your best at is rooted in, well, your roots.As your company matures, it’s easy to get pulled in different directions. You want to grow so you take on business that just doesn’t feel like those first few successes you had.But you probably got started when one or two companies took a chance on you and you really helped them.Not only did it feel great, but you also got a profile for your ideal customer.But as time passes, we have a tendency to lose sight of that ideal customer. Maybe they belong to a smaller market or a highly competitive one in the area you service.So you end up chasing business that doesn’t fit with your early successes, the stories of how you won the day for your clients don’t resonate as well and your sales and market narrative starts to fall flat.That’s why it’s important to bet big on what your best at. Your best stories with a few similar companies are one of your most valuable assets. Seeking look-a-like companies and leveraging sales and marketing tactics to get your stories in front of them will not only help you grow, it will also help your company stay true to its roots.

What is your marketing system?

Do your clients hire you and your team to cobble together a solution for them based on guesswork?Of course not.Systems and processes are the name of the game and you get hired over other technology companies because your systems and processes are better than theirs.So why is your approach to marketing any different?Want to see someone have an “oh $#!%” moment?Hire a marketing specialist and put them in an environment with no systems or processes in place.I’d bet any money that within 3 months that marketer will be doing sales enablement work, executing gopher tasks for your sales team and not helping you establish market dominance in any way.A good marketing system is the only way to run lean and mean on marketing headcount.If you have one or two junior marketers or marketing managers on your team, you either need a marketing-minded executive to give them clarity of task or you need a system to do it for you.It’s that simple.The best scenario is to establish your system before you hire a marketer. That way you’ll have a clear marketing vision that aligns with your goals, a defined set of tasks and priorities, a network of specialists to get the job done and a tool box to work with.

Do you know what your problem is?

How well do you really understand your problems?Tech companies face all sorts of issues.Most are not unique to the technology sector specifically, while other issues can be.In either case, your ability to identify your biggest challenges is just as important as your ability to address them.Even if it’s uncomfortable. Because chances are the biggest problem your company has is also one of its greatest assets.You.Now, don’t get defensive. My point is well reasoned so stay with me.You cannot be an expert at everything.You also can’t give your limited time and attention to every little thing.Maybe you could when you first started out. But now you’re growing and things are getting crazy.And your ability to deal with your new found craziness is, at least in part, based on how well you understand your challenges.For example, if you have one junior person doing marketing tasks for your sales team with no specified budget and a decision making process that is largely based on your mood that day, then marketing isn’t the reason you aren’t going to hit your sales targets this quarter.You are.And inaction could be the reason you won’t hit your targets in future quarters as well.

If you outsource marketing, this one thing matters most

My clients almost never have a marketing person on staff. And if they do, that person also does many other things that go way beyond marketing.What that means is that the tech companies I work with rarely have someone with the skills or time to handle all the tactical work that goes into implementing their marketing strategy.And that’s ok.It usually doesn’t make a ton of sense to have three or four marketers on staff when you’ve just started getting your strategy together.So you just outsource what you need. You still need a maestro (which is a role I usually fill) and down the road it will probably make sense to bring someone on full time to manage and maintain all the great stuff we’ll build together.But when you outsource, you’re pulling in resources that are inherently disjointed. Yet each plays an interconnected role in your success.When I’m vetting new freelancers for clients, the one skill I value most is their communication process. Of course they need to be skilled at web design, copy writing, video editing or whatever their specialty might be. But their ability to communicate well will make or break the engagement for my clients.

The cost of 100%

I’m a bit of a Peloton junkie. I’m on that thing at 6am most mornings and sometimes for as long as 90 minutes.I’m always amazed at how many calories I can burn in 30 minutes at about 75-80% of my max effort and how few additional calories I burn giving 100% for the same amount of time.But the cost of those few additional calories is a day of sore legs and an extra 15 minutes of recovery that I probably can’t spare.That’s called the law of diminishing returns, and it holds true in most of the time.Marketing is the same way.If you’re starting to pour your marketing foundation, you’ll find that moderate effort and the right strategy will get you 80% of the way there pretty fast.And with that you’ll start seeing good results. And sometimes that’s enough.But chances are that last 20% is going to take more time, money and resources that the first 80%. And the juice may not be worth the squeeze.

The sweet spot

I think feeling content is underrated, don’t you?Things are going well, progress is being made but you aren’t overly stressed.It’s a good place to be.Thing is, we’ve been trained to believe that if you aren’t talking about some grand new marketing strategy everyday that we’re somehow not working hard enough.You see this a lot with tech companies that have great ideas but simply can’t execute because there are too many roadblocks.That’s why the first couple months of pouring your marketing foundation are mentally draining. Because it’s time to stop talking and start figuring out how to actually do it.Then one roadblock gets removed. Then another. And before long, calls full of ideas, planning and handwringing over budgets that could run for hours can be wrapped up in 15 minutes.And that’s the sweet spot.It’s the point where your teams reach absolutely clarity on what they are supposed to do and how it connects with the plan.It’s the point where you realize all the things we’ve talked about are actually going to happen. And with less of you and your time than you thought possible.I know we’re there when a CEO start a call with me an says “I really don’t have much for you today. Everything’s going great. How’s life?”And it always makes me smile.

When money’s tight, finding the right partner is critical

When you go from talking to doing, the biggest road block is who will do all the work.And when it comes to marketing, there is a lot of work that needs to be done.Some of the project work is best placed with specialists.A content strategist.A website designer and developer.An SEO expert.Some of it, however, is on going tactical execution of your marketing plan.And if you don’t have a marketing person working for you every day, this one is for you.Remember, someone needs to do the work. It’s not going to be you. Your staff is busy with other things as well.So how do you find a way to get your marketing plan rolling with no bandwidth and no bodies.You have to find the right partner.What does the right partner look like?The right marketing partner checks a few key boxes.One, they have an understanding of your business and the market you play in.This is important because one of their chief tasks is to write content for you. It is far easier to do that when you understand the audience and what they care about.Two, they need to have a reliable process.What your marketing plan already defines the marketing priorities and strategies you need, but a solid tactical process is a necessary component of making it happen.And three, they need to over-communicate. Maybe it’s a weekly sprint. Maybe it’s real time analytics and performance reporting. Maybe a combination of those things. In either case, you should never be left wondering “what’s going on with marketing?”.

Email marketing and expectations

If your latest marketing idea starts with an email blast, I’d probably urge you to take a moment and think it through.Don’t get me wrong, email can still be effective. But your definition of “effective” will vary depending on your goals, your expectations and the actual outcomes.The problem is with email is saturation. Most people get between 120-150 emails per day. And most of that is just noise that our brains have learned to tune out.There are certainly exceptions to the rule, but if your goal is to create a meaningful touch point with your audience connected to a time commitment call to action like setting up a meeting or attending a webinar, your email may fall short of expectations.Email works best as a consistent reminder to your audience that you exist.I’ll give you an example. And a confession.I like to smoke the occasional cigar.Yeah I know it’s not good for me. But we all have our vices.I buy my cigars from one store on line. They send me, no joke, 4-5 emails a day.I rarely open any of them. But I would absolutely notice if they stopped coming.This company isn’t concerned with my interactions with their emails.They probably track open rates, conversions and all that good stuff, but their goal is to simply stay front of mind so that the moment I decide to buy, they will be the only place on my mind.And it works.